Yugoslavia (2): Kotor – Beograd

The bus from Kotor went up hairpin bends on the slopes of Mount Lovćen. Looking back at the Gulf:
042. Leaving Kotor.jpg
043. leaving Kotor.jpg
044. Above Kotor Gulf.jpg
Once at the top:
045. Kotor Gulf from mountain-top.jpg
The bus’s first major stop was at Cetinje, the ancient capital of Crna Gora = Montenegro:Screen Shot 2019-07-31 at 5.51.47 PM.png
Views of Montenegro from the bus:
046. Crna Gora.jpg
047. Crna gora.jpg
048. Crna gora.jpg
After Cetinje the bus went to Titograd, the Yugoslav name for what was formerly and is now Podgorica,  the capital of Montenegro. This was all after dark, and I have no photos before the next stop, Peć.

I spent all day in Peć, since the bus to Priština left in the evening. In the morning I went (on foot? by taxi?) to the Patriarchate Monastery:050. Pećka patriaršija.jpg
051.Pećka patriaršija.jpg
052. Pećka patriaršija.jpg
and in the afternoon looked round Peć:
053. Peć.jpg
054. Peć.jpg
055. Peć.jpg
I have one vivid memory from this day. I needed a haircut and went into a barber’s shop, where the only language spoken was Albanian. I achieved the business of getting  a good haircut by sign language!
The bus took me to Priština railway station and I took the next train to Skopje. All I recall was a a lengthy and (of course) inconclusive political argument in the corridor with a fervent communist.

My visit was before the disastrous earthquake of 1963. The city does not look at all like this anymore!062. Skopje street.jpg
059. Skopje.jpg  057. Skopje.jpg
Karavanseraj:061. Skopje caravansaray.jpg
Hamam (Baths):056. Skopje hamam.jpg
060. Skopje.jpg
Leaving Skopje by bus to Ohrid:
064. Skopje.jpg
Screen Shot 2019-08-03 at 6.04.11 PM.png
Debar:065. Debar.jpgDebar Lake
Screen Shot 2019-08-03 at 6.14.06 PM.png
North of Ohrid:067. North of Ohrid.jpg

Market scene:
075. Ohrid market.jpg
Cart park:
077. Ohrid cart park.jpg
069. Ohrid.jpg
I recall seeing a group of ‘whirling dervishes’, I think in this building:
078. Ohrid.jpg

Street scenes
079. Ohrid house w vine.jpg
080. Ohrid street.jpg
088. Ohrid street, bridge, blankets.jpg
Down by Lake Ohrid

071. Ohrid lake, horse.jpg
072. Ohrid Lake, washing.jpg
089. Ohrid church.jpg
Sveti Jovan Kaneo:084. Sveti Jovan Kaneo.jpg
085. Sv. Jovan Kaneo.jpg
Jovan K.png
Churches, cathedral in town:
Sveta Sofija:
Sv. Sofija.png
082. Sv Sofia.jpg
Sveti Kliment:
Sv. Kilment.jpg
086. Ohrid church.jpg

Sveti Naum is 30 km. south of Ohrid
090. Sveti Naum.jpg
091. by Sveti Naum.jpg
092. Sveti Naum fish.jpg
Close by is a border crossing with Albania. There, I saw a young man in handcuffs, clearly a would-be defector, being frogmarched back into Albania: compare my experience at the Ljubelj pass and border crossing to Yugoslavia, about 10 days earlier, where I had seen a young man in handcuffs, clearly a would-be defector, being frogmarched back into Slovenia. A graphic introduction to differences in Communisms!

Back in Ohrid, I had run out of time — I had only a few days to get to Genova —  and also run out of money! I went to the biggest hotel, the Palace, went into the garden restaurant area,
087. Ohrid  Hotel.jpg
bought a beer and sat and looked and listened.

Yugoslavia (3): Ohrid – Genova – Southampton