Other than Scandinavian

I became ‘addicted’ to Scandinavian detective novels in the 1990, “see Crime novels / Scandinavian.” Since I was in my 20s, however, I read crime novels set in Britain  (Christie,  Sayers,  Allingham, Innes, Tey, Marsh, Crispin) and ‘on the continent’ (van de Wetering, Simenon). I continue reading them. if they are not too long and if they have a good ‘sense of place’.

I prefer ones that are set in places I know personally or places that I enjoy learning about. Since indulging in this form of escapism, I have learned a great deal about Norfolk, Derbyshire, Northumberland, the Shetlands and the Hebrides.

I always look forward, in particular, to the crime novels of Fred Vargas.

With my African connection, I have looked in vain for good African detective novels written since Elspeth Huxley’s “Murder at Government House”, 1937 (!), and only found consistency in Kwei Quartey, from whose stories I have  learned a great deal about Ghana, see this review on “Crimepieces” and on “Other / Comments”.