About this site

Home pageThe village of Sele (German: Zell). It is in the south of the province of Carinthia / Koroška (Kärnten), Austria. This is where I did my linguistic fieldwork for over 30 years. I first visited in 1973; it was from a villager (Marija Olip Vrtnikova) that I found a house to stay and work in. I stayed there (pri Pavlu) for four months in 1978-79. I returned to Sele for more fieldwork in 1982 (2 months), 1985 (2 months), 1986 (1 month), 1994 (2 weeks), 1997 (1 month), 1998 (5 weeks), 1999 (7 weeks) and 2000 (4 weeks). I also stayed pri Malavdru, na Kališ, and most recently pri Užniku. The people of Sele (Selke, Selani) were always welcoming and hospitable and it became like a second home for me.

At the top is a photograph of part of the Karavanke (German Karawanken), the mountain range separating this part of Austria from Slovenia to the south. The highest mountain in this part of the range is the Košuta. The photograph is by Marko Oraže, to whom my thanks: Buhonaj!

Academic — strictly for other people interested in my professional life.  Here you will find a summary of my teaching career and selected  publications, other than translations which are on the “Translations” page, and a full list of all publications on the “Varia and Trivia” page.

Contacts and Thankyous — containing (1) links to web-pages of interest; (2) a list of the people who have influenced and helped me throughout my life.

Family Tree — Main features. Details will be on “Varia and Trivia”.

Gallery — Some pictures from my life and my travels with my wife Linda and our sons Christoper and Robert.

Personal — Not only my name and personal details, but a great deal about my immediate family.

Crime Novels: divided into “Scandinavian” and “Not Scandinavian“. — The “Scandinavian” page has four sections: (1) my criteria for choice and assessment; (2) a list of all the Scandinavian authors of crime novels that I have read: in some instances, only one book, in others as many as I can get hold of;  (3) assessments, brief and in some cases not so brief, of the novels that I have read. For each author, I assign a “grade” from a high of A++ to a low of D. I include (4) a log of the most recent books  of each author that I have read, with (since March 2019) my latest ‘grade’.

Selščina — Main features of phonology and morphology, and all the lexicon collected to date.

Translations — A brief history of my experience as a literary translator, with examples; followed by lists of my published articles about translation, and of my books or contributions to books with my translations (from Russian, Slovenian and Swahili to English).

Travels — Mostly, travels with family members. Also, in particular: Turkey with Tony Kemp in 1958; South and East Africa with Philip Woodcock in 1959; ‘El camino frances’ with Klaus Detlef Olof in 2003.

Varia and trivia — Minor details to supplement the other pages: all my publications, including the very trivial, in chronological order;…


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